Technology Standard

This is the official standard we adopt for measuring technology, including, hardware for the purpose of voice recognition and new input. This includes but is by no means limited to headsets, headphones, microphones, and wireless microphones.

We adopt a consistent metric for evaluating these devices based on the following parameters.

Product Quality (10 Points)

This measures the overall quality of the product. It looks at the make, quality of material, and resistance to wear and tear. Based on that a score is given in comparison to other products.

Voice Recognition Accuracy (10 Points)

When applied to a given software, how much does the hardware score on its accuracy in voice recognition. Based on that a score is provided depending on the responsivity of the device to the software.

Comfort (10 Points)

Is this product comfortable to wear and use in a prolonged manner, without excessive discomfort to the user?

Features (10 Points)

Does the product have a lot of useful features for the user, including, ones that provide increased convenience?

Daily Usage (10 Points)

When used on a daily basis, is the product able to adjust to your work flow or does it require readjustment every day for accurate usage.

Design (10 Points)

Is the product well design and does it sit well, look aesthetically pleasing, and logistically convenient?

Value for Money (10 Points)

Does the product provide value for money in comparison to the overall output and quality of usage?