Software Standard

This is the official standard we adopt for measuring software. This primary applies to all applications that directly provide voice recognition or any other type of input mechanism. This does not include utilities or hardware that facilitate the interaction with voice recognition. However, if these utilities are integrated with the overall software structure, we will review the same holistically.

We adopt a consistent metric for evaluating these devices based on the following parameters.

Features (10 Points)

This measures the overall number of features a particular software offers to its users, including, the ability to interact with other applications, make updates and corrections to anything already input, and the possibility of API integration into the software to enhance its overall functionality.

Ease of Use (10 Points)

How easy is it to use and set up the application? Does it require extensive training, or can one simply install (or in case of web applications just launch) and get going.

Transcription Quality (10 Points)

What is the overall quality of transcription of the software? In other terms, how well does it transcribe voice to text. Does it make a lot of mistakes and does it offer opportunities to improve the overall quality of transcription?

Speed of Transcription (10 Points)

How quickly does the software transcribe your voice text? Additionally, this question also includes whether the software performs real-time or whether you have to speak, then wait for the software to process what you have input based on a command by the user.

Documentation (10 Points)

Is the software well-documented? This is particularly important in leveraging the existing features and understanding the overall environment of the software.

Compatibility (10 Points)

How compatible is the software with other applications, operating systems, and interfaces? Is it limited to only a given context or can it be used everywhere?

Value for Money (10 Points)

What is the overall value that is software provides for its price point? The overall quality of the software in comparison to the price will be the value for money.