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Welcome to Recognitionalize your number one resource guide for everything related to voice recognition! | April 4, 2019

Srivats Shankar (@SrivatsShankar)

It is our pleasure to present you Recognitionalize! Over the past several weeks our team has worked to set up the basics for a platform that discusses everything related to voice recognition. As one of the technologies that has increasingly gained prominence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it presents a shift in how we interact with our computers. All of the major tech giants want a slice of the voice recognition pie. However, simply being able to transcribe text from voice presents half of the solution. To be able to meaningfully interact with your computer right from clicking a button to interacting with thousands of applications simultaneously is where the pursuit leads us.

Right from the early parts of the 20th-century philosophers, authors, and, comic book writers, have wondered and dreamed about devices that anyone can simply talk to and get results. Voice recognition has already taken the first steps in that direction. To be able to push the technology to its absolute limits and understand where it still requires polishing.

At Recognitionalize our work is twofold – to be able to understand and map the trajectory of voice recognition technology, and to review the existing position of voice recognition. To that end we will regularly post content on the latest development of the technology and reviews of both hardware and software that set the bedrock for voice recognition. It goes without saying that as time progresses we expect the technology to see massive shifts, which will affect how we perceive the future.

This piece primarily sets out our mandate for the coming months. However, you will be able to access information about the metrics that we use to measure the efficacy of software and hardware, along with our guiding principles.

With this as our foundation we aim to push forward. We hope you will join us in this journey.

PS – this post was made using voice recognition technology :p

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