Mission Statement


If we could define our vision in two words it would be – simplifying accessibility. Everything that we plan and that we have done is to move in this direction.

Some of the most difficult challenges that humans have had to surmount have been addressed in a matter of minutes using technology. The limits of what we can do today are defined by what we can imagine. To that end it is our desire to take upon ourselves these goals to further our desire to handle the latest technology and address the following areas:

  1. identifying the most significant challenges in accessible technology
  2. offering suggestions of standardization to maximize developer capabilities
  3. find the most innovative players in the field
  4. provide insights into the gears that make everything tick

To that end we have taken this mission upon ourselves and strive to work towards these goals based off the following principles.


To be inclusive is to be accessible. At AI Policy we believe that everyone should have the chance to access and maximize their opportunities. Irrespective of your prior knowledge, personal background, and individual circumstances, the ability to leverage technology has never been greater. Our goal is to build on this availability to ensure that everyone will have a reasonable access to take part in the community.


The best software is only as good as the ecosystem that supplements it. If developers are inherently unable to contribute and build on existing platforms, the limits of technology stop there. To be able to maximize your entry into your digital identity is what will go a long way in defining the future of humanity.


Knowledge is power. Powers knowledge. This dynamic has been true for centuries, but had never been more apparent than it is now. We believe that by putting the power in the hands of the reader anything is possible. We do not have all the answers, but we want to give you the tools to help you find them yourself.