Enhancing Accessibility

Enhancing accessibility is one of the foundations upon which Recognitionalize was developed. To us it essentially means the following – knowledge, technological enhancement, and outreach.

Knowledge is power. That paradigm is what we fundamentally believe is the basis for our work. We have built this platform to share our expertise in the area of voice recognition and computer interaction. To be able to find the most reliable methods to access technology is our dedication to the field.

Technological enhancement is our commitment to raising important points on how technology can be improved and where current development needs to head. As the people who are the final stakeholders of this technology, to be able to direct its development is our greatest contribution and we are dedicated to that end.

Finally, in terms of outreach we share all of our insights with the hope that they reach the people who need them the most. Whether you are someone who has difficulty typing, someone who spends hours in paperwork, or just need a break from the keyboard – we have you covered.

Checkout what we have to offer and let us know if there is anything we can improve on.