Defining Metrics

What We Mean by Metrics?

Metrics are a consistent standard by which we measure the quality of a particular software, hardware, or utility. To truly be able to understand the best of any technology, we must have a quantifiable and consistent standard that can be replicated across all measurements.

Our Metrics

By no means are metrics definitive. However, they do address some of the most critical points that are absolutely necessary for measuring the quality of a product across consistent measurements. Naturally, like all metrics that are based off of human interpretation, there is a degree of subjectivity that cannot be avoided. We attempt to be as objective as possible and to that end we hope that our readers can appreciate our contribution in the field.

Where Can I Find Your Metrics?

We primarily have three types of metrics:

  1. application
  2. technology
  3. miscellaneous

The application metrics primarily applied to software that are dedicated towards converting voice to text and other software pertaining to new-input methods. Technology refers to the physical hardware used to facilitate the software. Finally, miscellaneous refers to any intermediary software or hardware used to facilitate the overall process of voice recognition or new-input, but by itself is relatively ineffective.