About Us

Technology has always been shrouded with an veil of mystery. Computing has been pushed to its absolute limits. Since the development of the personal computer in the late 1980s, humanity has seen a complete reshaping of its position in the world. Never before has more information been available and never before has the future of technology been in the hands of the everyone.

Recognitionalize was started to address the development of new-age technological interactions that have developed as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Essentially, marked by the development of artificial intelligence technology, we started our mission with a specific focus on voice recognition. Although, voice recognition has existed for end-users over the past 20 years, its rapid proliferation in recent years has made it a potential contender for establishing the future of communicating with computing.

The development of data technology has allowed for voice recognition to be aggressively developed, slowly being perfected year-by-year. It creates a new layer of accessibility to computing facilities. However, the mere availability of being able to convert speech-to-text is only part of the development of voice recognition. The ability to operationalize the technology by integrating it with the larger computing environment is what will potentially render voice recognition the status of a truly a massive interaction platform. There are already several applications that have made strides in this direction.

At Recognitionalize we take a keen interest in these developments. Our work can essentially be understood in two steps – understanding the existing position of voice recognition and determining where we go from here. The existing voice recognition applications available are in the thousands. We essentially attempt to review as many applications, devices, and utilities that make voice recognition better. Reviewing this material shall be one of our primary goals and we strive to as much technology as possible. This coupled with our discourse on the future of voice recognition, will form the basis of what we at Recognitionalize attempt to do in the coming years.

We hope you will join us in this journey!